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I. Introduction:

Many people like to travel during their school breaks or vacations, and these trips might include a visit to a nearby location or a place overseas. Listen to the words below and consult a dictionary if you need a definition. Write a sample sentence for each word to learn how it is used in context, as seen in the example. You can use the Internet to find such sentences.

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  1. accommodations
  2. baggage
  3. boarding pass
  4. book a hotel
  5. car rental
  6. carry-on luggage
  7. cruise
  8. currency
  9. documents (passport, visa)
  10. e-ticket (electronic ticket)
  11. guidebook
  12. hotel
  13. inn
  14. plane tickets
  15. reservation
  16. travel agent
  17. travel brochure
  18. vaccinations
  19. youth hostel

II. Practice: Top
Now, complete the sentences below with the best answer:
1. In most cases, passengers have to show a ____________ before they can get on a plane.

A. travel brochure B. guidebook C. boarding pass

2. If you're looking for affordable accommodations especially designed for younger travelers, then a ___________ might be right for you. .

A. hotel B. youth hostel C. inn

3. When traveling to some places in the world, you might have to get _____________ that will provide protection from certain diseases.

A. vaccinations B. baggage C. luggage

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III. Follow-Up: Top
Preparing for the ideal vacation includes more than just finding cheap flights, discount hotels, and rental cars. What is your image of the perfect vacation? Where would you go? Who would you travel with on such a dream vacation? Where would you stay? Discuss your ideas with a partner.

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