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Hotel Reservations

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I. Introduction:

When people go on vacations, they often look for affordable hotel accommodations that provide the amenities they need and want. Accommodations might include hotels, youth hostels, inns, and even campgrounds. Listen to the words below and consult a dictionary if you need a definition. Write a sample sentence for each word to learn how it is used in context. You can use the Internet to find such sentences.

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Types of Accommodations

  • bed and breakfast
  • guesthouse
  • hotel
  • inn
  • resort
  • youth hostel
  • cable TV
  • check in / check out
  • connecting room
  • continental breakfast
  • handicapped facilities
  • hot tub
  • indoor / outdoor heated pool
  • kitchen / kitchenette
  • microwave
  • queen-size bed / king-size bed
  • restaurant
  • rollaway bed
  • room rates
  • sitting area
  • book a hotel
  • call the front desk
  • cancel a reservation
  • make a reservation
  • order room service

II. Practice: Top
Now, complete the sentences below with the best answer:
1. If you're traveling on a budget and you want to meet other young people like yourself, you ought to consider staying at a _______________.

A. youth hostel B. hotel C. resort

2. One of the nice things about that hotel is that each room has a ____________ so you can prepare you own meals.

A. rollaway bed B. sitting area C. kitchenette

3. Can you _______________ and see if they can bring us some more towels?

A. call the front desk B. book a hotel C. order room service

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III. Follow-Up: Top
Imagine that you are traveling abroad for summer vacation, and you have three cities in mind: Paris, New York City, and Tokyo. Use different resources to find more information about the cities. Then, compare the accommodations based on price, amenities, and location. Then, make a recommendation to a partner.

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