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Creating Your Own Website: Step One - The Concept Stage

Dedicated Web hosting. Domain name registration. Free Web pages. So many terms and options for starting your own Web page can be a really confusing process when you're just getting started. Where do you begin? Do you register a domain with the first name that comes to your mind? Stop and read before you select a domain name or a Web host. This article will discuss the basics for coming up with a concept that will lead to selecting a domain name for your site.

Well, first of all, before you go to all of the trouble to make a Website, make sure you have a good concept that will set you apart from the thousands and thousands of Websites already out there. Find a specific niche where others haven't explored and built depth in that area. A Website that contains links to other Websites isn't very appealing, nor is a Website that tries to create content for each language skill area. A quick domain search of the Internet will reveal many Websites that have done that, or at least, have attempted to create the perfect Website. Rather, I suggest you focus on one specific area of our field and develop depth of content instead of breadth. In other words, a Website focusing improving business English only might have more success that one that tries to cover everything. If you're a one-person show, it will be easier to develop and maintain one area of specialty.

Once you have a concept in mind, check the Internet to see how many other Websites have done something similar. Then, determine how your idea is different from others and how it will add substance to the Internet. No one wants to see another Website that is a repeat of 100 others. After this initial research, you should be ready to register a domain name.

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