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Voice and Text Chat: Communicating Across the Internet

Think about these questions before you start listening and then find the answers in the recording:
  1. What are the benefits of using voice or video chat for language learners?
  2. What safety measures should you use when communicating online this chat services?
  3. What chat services can you find online that are safe and easy to use? Search the Internet to find such Websites and discuss these with your friends and teachers.

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Voice and text chat, in addition to instant messaging, are quickly becoming preferred ways of communicating with others online. For language learners, these forms of communication allow users to share ideas about themselves and the world in almost real time, and students can establish friendships with people from around the globe, and thus, it can be an easy way to learn languages and world cultures.

However, care and consideration should be given when finding friends on the Internet because you really don't know who the person is at the other end. Thus, always use a nickname when chatting online and never give out personal information including your age, where you live, and the name of the school where you attend. Also, be careful about meeting online acquaintances in person, and if you do so, make sure it is in a public place and go with a friend or family member. Finally, contact local authorities if you feel you are in danger.

Again, chatting with others can be a fun and educational activity if you use care when doing so.

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