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IPod and MP3 Players: Rocking the Internet and Learning Languages

Think about these questions before you start listening and then find the answers in the recording:
  1. What are two features of many MP3 players that can be used to improve language skills?
  2. How many MP3 players can you find online under $100 that contain these features? Which would be best for students on a budget?

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Devices like iPod media players from Apple computers, as well as similar mp3 players from companies like HP, Sony, Dell, and Creative Labs, offer users the ability to listen to MP3 audio files (as well as other formats) on the go away from their computers or home entertainment centers.

So what does this mean for language students? First of all, media files from textbooks (when permission is granted by the specific publisher) could be digitized from an audio CD, converted to MP3 audio, and then uploaded to an i-Pod player. Then, the student could listen to the media files as he or she looked over the corresponding material from the class textbook.

Furthermore, many MP3 audio players have a recording feature that will allow you to record your voice. One practical use of such a feature is to keep a digital voice journal, that is, keep weekly recordings of your life events much like you would in a traditional diary. By maintaining such a journal, students can go back weeks, months, or years later to hear evidence of their progress.

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