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Internet Service Providers (ISP): Getting Connected to the Web

In addition to a computer and Web Browser, you need to use an Internet Service Provider, or ISP, to provide you access to the Internet. If you use the Internet at school or work, then these organizations might already provide you with the access you need to surf the Web. However, if you want to use the Internet at home, then you need to look for an ISP that can provide you access.

Traditionally, dial-up connections were the only, and most popular method, of going online, and many people still use such connections today. The are generally cheaper than other connections, but they are also slower, and thus, it takes longer to view Webpages and download/upload large files like music, video, and large email attachments.

Faster connection speeds are possible with cable models or other similar connections. Speeds for view Webpages are much faster, and viewing online multimedia like audio and video is greatly enhanced. However, the cost is generally higher that dial-up connections.

Because there are so many ISP companies, you want to be sure to compare services and prices. Often times, some ISPs provide many services you might not even need (e.g., email), and they offer these at a higher price. Thus, you might want to look for a cheap Internet service provider that only offers a connection to the Internet. Of course, ISP companies make more money by promoting full-service access to the Internet, but that might not be what you need. Shop around. There are many cheap ISP companies that probably provide what you need.

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