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Business Communications

Instructions: Click the "Play" button and listen to the recording. Then write the words you hear in the correct blank. Use the "tab" button to move from one blank to the next.

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Secretary: Hello, Ultimate Computers. May I help you?

Caller: Yes, this is Jack Kordell from Hunter's Office Supplies. May I (1) to Elaine Strong, please?

Secretary: I'm sorry, but she's not in right now.

Caller: Okay, do you know when she'll be (2)?

Secretary: Uh, yes, she should be here later on this afternoon maybe about 4:30. May I take a message?

Caller: Yes. Ms. Strong sent me a brochure detailing your (3) line of laptop computers with a (4) of other software products, but there wasn't any information about after-sales (5).

Secretary: Oh, I'm sorry. Would you like me to fax that to you?

Caller: Yes, but our fax is being (6) at the moment, and it won't be working until around 2:30. Hum . . . could you try sending that information around 3:30? That's should give me time to look over the (7) before I call Ms. Strong, say, around 5:00.

Secretary: Sure. Could I have your name, telephone number, and fax number, please?

Caller: Yes. Jack Kordell and the phone number is 560-1287. And the fax number is 560-1288.

Secretary: Okay. Jack Kordell. Is your name (8) C-o-r-d-e-l?

Caller: No. It's Kordell with a "K" and two "l's." K-o-r-d-e-l-l."

Secretary: All right, Mr. Kordell. And your phone number is 560-1287, and the fax number is 560-1288. Is that (9)?

Caller: Yes it is.

Secretary: All right. I'll be (10) to send you the fax this afternoon.

Caller: Okay, bye.

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