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"fair-weather friend" = someone who is only when things are going well

"He's just a fair-weather friend, so when things become difficult, don't expect him to be around to help you."

"under the weather" = sick

"My mom has been a little under the weather for the past few days."

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The Four Seasons
1. Pre-Listening Exercises
2. Listening Exercises
3. Post-Listening Exercises

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1. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]

What seasonal changes do people in your hometown experience throughout the year? Are there four basic seasons (i.e., winter, spring, summer, and fall)? Is it one season all year around? Do you have a typhoon, hurricane, or rainy season?

HELPFUL TIP: Be sure to check the weather conditions at your destination so you know what clothing to bring on your trip. Searching the Internet for weather forecasts can be a great help.

evening sky

2. Listening Exercises [Top]
Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz.

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1. This presentation was most likely part of which type of recording?
A. a TV weather program on seasonal changes
B. an informal discussion between friends
C. an academic speech at school

2. Based on what you heard, how would you characterize the winter season?
A. January receives about 30 inches in snow.
B. Winter temperatures hover below freezing for the 3-month period.
C. Outdoor activities tend to be popular during this season.

3. Which statement is NOT true about the spring?
A. Spring usually begins at the end of March.
B. Plentiful wind currents make some outdoors activities possible.
C. Nighttime temperatures dip below 50 degrees.

4. What is the summer season like in this area?
A. mild and breezy
B. hot and dry
C. warm and humid

5. What is one activity people like to do in the fall?
A. go and see the fall colors
B. clean their houses
C. have a fall picnic

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2. Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script.

3. Do the Text Completion Quiz.

3. Post-Listening Exercises [Top]

Decide on a place you would like to visit during your next vacation. Then, do some research on the area's climate and describe the region's seasons, including average temperatures and precipitation. Finally, explain popular activities that you could enjoy during different times of the year.

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