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Website Changes, Additions, and Ongoing Projects:

Visitors often want to know what I am currently working on to improve my Websites listed here:

With many new things going on, it is difficult to point you to all of them, but I often am spending a lot of time making current listening activities even better by adding new features. Here is a short list:

Ongoing Website Projects:

I announce all of my new listening and video activities on my Facebook page, so please consider becoming a fan so you find out what I am currently developing on my sites.

> > Mini-Lecture Videos [Ongoing]: I have been experimenting with a new listening/video format to provide mini-lectures related to some of my existing content. The idea is to give learners additional practice through a different learning format in short, digestible chunks. Here is one example:

- Credit Cards

> > Listening/Video Activities [Ongoing]: I am always working on new listening and video activities. This process involves coming up with ideas, writing scripts, recording and editing sound/video files, developing language-learning tasks, and creating the Web pages. Creating just one complete listening activity with all its components involves a lot of steps and time.

> > Portable Media Playback: Reconfigured my media files so that they can be played on more portable devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

> > Online Investigations Tasks [Ongoing]: Realizing that students need opportunities to use their language skills to improve critical thinking, I am adding tasks that students can do using the Internet that require them to look up and analyze information and then make informative conclusions based on what they find. Such activities try to reflect they types of real-life tasks we encounter in our daily lives.

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