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Good Old Blues

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1. What kinds of music does this radio station play?

A. rhythm and blues
B. heavy metal
C. latin

Correct Answer (A). I think this question is obvious. The DJ says "nothing like some good old jazz to soothe the soul."

2. What is the disk jockey's first name?

A. Harold
B. Harvey
C. Harry

Correct Answer (C).

3. Listeners can win ___________ by identifying the name of music numbers.

A. music CDs
B. concert tickets
C. money

Correct Answer (B). The DJ says: "And don't forget that I'll be giving away tickets" to a jazz concert.

4. How many times will listeners have a chance to win?

A. less than four times
B. four or five times
C. more than five times

Correct Answer (C). Harry says that he will "be giving away tickets on the hour from now until sunup." In other words, he will be giving tickets every hour at 12:00 AM, 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, 3:00 AM, and so on until the morning. So listeners would have up to six or seven times when they could call in to win.

5. To win, listeners must identify the name of the musical number and ________.

A. when it was recorded
B. where it was recorded
C. who recorded it

Correct Answer (A).

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