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Taped Library Tour

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1. Where would you go to check out books?

A. Level 1
B. Level 2
C. Level 3
D. Level 4

Correct Answer (B). The circulation desk (the place you check books) is located on Level 2.

2. Where is the most likely place to find a book on learning to Speak French?

A. Level 1
B. Level 2
C. Level 3
D. Level 4

Correct Answer (A). A book on French would most likely be found in the humanities section of the library (Level 1). You would find all sorts of books and materials on languages and literature here.

3. Where would you find a January 1996 issue of Time Magazine?

A. Level 1
C. Level 3
D. Level 4

Correct Answer (C). Current or recent newspapers and magazines within the last six months are kept on Level 2. Anything older than six months would be found with the back issues on Level 3.

4. How much would you have to pay in late fees if you had a book that was six weeks overdue?

A. $5.50
B. $10.00
C. $15.00
D. $22.50

Correct Answer (C). You have to pay 50 cents for each day after the due date. The book is forty-five days over due, but there is a maximum penalty of $15.00 at this library. So, instead of multiplying 50 cents times 45 days and then paying $22.50, you would still only have to pay $15.00. Nice library.

5. When does the library close on Friday nights?

A. 8:30 PM
B. 9:00 PM
C. 9:30 PM
D. 10:00 PM

Correct Answer (D).

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