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The Ideal Woman

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Explanation of Answers

1. What was Rocky doing at the beginning of the conversation?

A. eating and drinking
B. dancing to the music
C. standing around at the party
D. talking with his girlfriend, Babe

Correct Answer (C). Ed said that Rocky was "holding the wall up," an expression that generally means that a person is standing leaning against the wall."

2. Rocky likes women who:

A. serve him hand and foot.
B. stimulate his intellect.
C. pursue their own careers.
D. enjoy reading novels.

Correct Answer (A). To "serve hand and foot" creates the image of serving someone like they were royalty, and you were their servant following their every wish.

3. In addition to eating, Rocky feels his household chores include:

A. fixing the appliances like the TV and throwing out the trash.
B. washing the car and collecting the trash.
C. watching television and taking out the garbage.
D. fixing things around the house.

Correct Answer (C). Rocky says: "Eat, watch TV, and throw out the trash."

4. Rocky acknowledges that his views on women:

A. were shaped by his own family life.
B. are quite progressive for the times.
C. reflect the views of earlier generations.
D. are in line with the prevailing views.

Correct Answer (C). Ed mentions a report that says that "40 percent of woman don't think their husbands do their share around the house, and you (Rocky) seem to fit into that mold."

In other words, Ed is one man who probably doesn't do much work around the house, but he acknowledges that news reports like this don't change his views on how much he should do.This generally reflects views of men years ago in the United States, but some men may still feel this way.

5. From the conversation, what is the most likely scenario of events for the rest of the evening for Rocky?

A. He returns home alone and spends the night with his dog.
B. He remains at the party to try to make new friends.
C. He decides to visit his friend, Rusty, and they have TV dinners.
D. He meets a woman who shares his mutual interest in archeology.

Correct Answer (A). Realizing he probably won't find a woman who will serve his every need, he feels resigned to spending his evenings eating TV dinners with his dog, Rusty.

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