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Home Repairs

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1. Why does Dave need a roommate to pay for rent?

A. He was recently laid off from his job.
B. He is working fewer hours these days.
C. He quit his job to go back to school.

Correct Answer (B). Dave says that ever since he cut back on his working hours to go to school, he hasn't had much money. In other words, he is still working, but just less now.

2. What is wrong with the carpet in the living room?

A. It is soiled in several places.
B. It has a few tears here and there.
C. It is really worn out.

Correct Answer (A). Randall notices a few stains in the carpet when he sees the living room. From what Dave says, his former roommates might have been the cause, but he doesn't go into any detail.

3. What has Dave done to fix temporarily the refrigerator door?

A. He used some heavy-duty tape around the door.
B. He applied some super glue to keep the hinges on tightly.
C. He pushed a box against the door to keep in shut.

Correct Answer (C). Great solution, don't you think?

4. Which problem is true of the bathroom?

A. The tile needs replacing.
B. The sink is clogged.
C. The window pane is cracked.

Correct Answer (A). Randall asks if there are problems with the sink and toilet, but Dave points out that the repairs are with the shower tile and window.

5. What does Randall probably do at the end of the conversation?

A. He decides to look for another place.
B. He agrees to split the cost of rent.
C. He helps Dave fix up the house.

Correct Answer (A). From Randall's closing comment ("I've seen enough"), we can assume that he will look for another place to live. Answer (C) is possible, but it probably isn't what is on Randall's mind at that moment.

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