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Snowshoe Marathon
Video Snapshot

Instructions: Watch this video clip and then answer the questions based on what you see and hear. After you complete this video activity, visit Randall's actual running report the snowshow marathon.

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Questions: [ See Script ]

1. What is one of the reasons why Randall enjoyed participating in the marathon?

A. There were few runners involved in the event.
B. He loves to compete and win in such races.
C. Randall loves running in the cold weather in Utah.

2. We can infer that the race was difficult because of ______________.

A. the deep snow you had to run in
B. the up and down running along the course
C. the strong wind that made you cold and wet

3. One of the things Randall did NOT talk about was __________.

A. what assistance the race organizers provided for runners
B. the time limit in which the race had to be completed
C. the weather conditions on the day of the race

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