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Christmas gifts don't just come in boxes. Volunteering your time, donating money to charities, and visiting the sick or elderly can be the greatest gifts of all.

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The Christmas Gift
1. Pre-Listening Exercises
2. Listening Exercises
3. Post-Listening Exercises

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1. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]
What is the meaning of Christmas to those that celebrate this day? Use the Internet to answer these questions, or discuss them with other students. What do you think is the meaning of the title, "The Christmas Gift," in this story? What ideas come to your mind when you think of Christmas gifts?

2. Listening Exercises [Top]
Listen to the story by pressing the "Play" button and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz.

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1. What event did Ray Anderson witness at the beginning of the story?
A. a home fire
B. an explosion
C. an automobile accident

2. How did Ray save the baby?
A. He pulled the baby out of the window.
B. He put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.
C. He called the police and fire department.

3. What happened to Ray?
A. He had extensive head injuries.
B. He was burned over much of his body.
C. He suffered from smoke inhalation.

4. Who is Aaron?
A. He is Ray Anderson's son.
B. He is Karen's older brother.
C. He was adopted by Sandra Jenkins.

5. What was Ray Anderson doing that fateful Christmas Eve?
A. serving at homeless shelter in the community
B. cutting down Christmas trees for families
C. taking goods to needy people

Score =
Correct answers:

Listen to the coversation again as you read the Quiz Script.

Review the Explanation of Answers.

3. Post-Listening Exercises [Top]

  1. What was the Christmas "gift" Ray gave to others?

  2. What did the narrator mean when he said that Ray believed that "the best Christmas gifts came not from the gift received, but from those given, and that those acts of charity should remain anonymous"?

  3. Discuss the teachings of other religions or moral lessons when it comes to charity and kindness towards others.

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