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First Date

Instructions: Click the "Play" button and listen to the recording. Then write the words you hear in the correct blank.

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Girl: He's here. Bye Dad.

Dad: Wait, wait, wait . . . Where are you going?

Girl: Dad. I'll already told mom. I'm going out (1).

Dad: Who with? You mean you're going on a date?

Girl: Yeah. Mom met Dirk (2). [Dirk!?] He's sooo cool. We're going on a double-date with Cindy and Evan.

Dad: Dirk.

Girl: I have to go.

Dad: Wait, wait. I want to meet this (3).

Girl: He's waiting for me.

Dad: Well, so what are you going to do tonight? Going to the (4)?

Girl: Dad! We're going out to eat, and then we're going to (5) a movie.

Dad: What movie and what is it rated?

Girl: It's a science fiction (6) called . . . well, I don't know what it is called, but it's rated PG.

Dad: And where's the movie showing?

Girl: Down at the Campus Plaza Movie Theater.

Dad: Hey, I was thinking about seeing a movie down there tonight, too.

Girl: Ah, Dad.

Dad: Hey, Let me meet that guy.

[Father looks out the living room window . . .

Hey, that guy has a (7)!

Girl: Dad. That's not Dirk. That's his older brother. He's taking us there! Can I go now?

Dad: Well . . .

Girl: Mom said I could, and mom knows his (8).

Dad: Well . . .

Girl: Dad.

Dad: Okay, but be home by 8:00.

Girl: Eight!? The movie doesn't (9) until 7:30. Come on, Dad.

Dad: Okay. Be (10) by 11:00.

Girl: Love you, Dad.

Dad: Love you, too.

Girl: Bye.


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