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Housing Complaint

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1. Mr. Burton asks the manager to tell the man in apartment 4 B to:

A. turn off the music after 10:00 PM
B. turn down the volume to his stereo
C. use headphones when listening to music

Correct Answer (B). The complaining tenant wants the man in 4B to keep his music down, especially after 10:00 PM.

2. Why is the manager hesitant about carrying out this request?

A. He says the matter is the owner's responsibility, not his.
B. He is not on talking terms with his son who lives there.
C. He is afraid of what the man might say or do.

Correct Answer (C). The manager is afraid to talk to the man because the man is the owner's son, and he is worried about what the son might say to his father. Also, Mr. Burton says the son is "a walking refrigerator," that is, a really big man, and he doesn't want to make the man angry.

3. What is Mr. Burton's second complaint?

A. There is an awful smell coming from the farm next door.
B. The property owners next door are illegally disposing of waste.
C. The neighbors are burning leaves which are drifting his way.

Correct Answer (A). The man complains about a "pungent odor" or a very bad smell coming from the landowners next door. Seeing that the owners have livestock, the probable source of the odors come from animal waste.

4. How does the manager respond to this second request?

A. He cannot do anything because the people are within their rights as landowners.
B. He has discussed this with the landowners, but his request has fallen on deaf ears.
C. He has livestock as well, so he can sympathize with the neighbor's situation.

Correct Answer (A). Because the area is zoned or set aside for agricultural and livestock use, the owners have the legal rights to raise animals. There is nothing the manager can do about this.

5. What is the source of Mr. Burton's third complaint?

A. The military is flying high-altitude jets overhead causing supersonic booms.
B. A coal company has resumed its mining operations using explosive devices.
C. The armed forces are carrying out artillery training exercises nearby.

Correct Answer (C). The military is firing rounds of artillery nearby which are causing the noise.

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