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"drive someone nuts/crazy" = make someone feel angry

"My kids sometimes drive me nuts when they leave the house a mess."

"leave the nest" = leave your parents home and start living independently

"Many kids aren't financially ready to leave the nest when they turn 18 years old."

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Raising Successful Children
1. Pre-Listening Exercises
2. Listening Exercises
3. Vocabulary
4. Post-Listening Exercises

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1. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]
What are the greatest challenges in raising children in the world we live in today? What types of conflict occur within families (between siblings, and between children and parents)? What are three things parents and children can do to improve family relationships?

HELPFUL TIP: Rearing children takes a lot more time and patience than most couples realize. Having realistic expectations is one key to preserving harmony (and your sanity) in a family relationship.

Mother and child

2. Listening Exercises [Top]
Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz.

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1. What was the impetus for Monroe's new book on children?
A. He argues that rearing children is often more difficult that people anticipate.
B. He believes that no other book covers the challenges of raising children.
C. Dr. Monroe asserts that poor parental skills can contribute to problem children.

2. According to Monroe, successful children are ones who:
A. are able to manage their emotional state in appropriate ways.
B. can remain calm at all times without getting upset or angry.
C. achieve their future educational and financial goals.

3. Based on Monroe's comments, which group has the greatest influence on children's behaviors and ideas?
A. teachers
B. friends
C. parents

4. Parents should view the use of family rules as a way to:
A. restrict what children can do and say.
B. provide more opportunities for freedom.
C. communicate more openly with children.

5. Which point can we infer from Monroe's final comments?
A. Taking parenting classes can help us grow closer to our children.
B. Raising children in today's world can be an arduous process.
C. Joy can always be attained in every aspect of child rearing.

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2. Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script.

3. Vocabulary Activities [Top]
Review the key vocabulary from the conversation: [ Why do these? ]

4. Post-Listening Exercises [Top]

Discuss what it was like to grow up in your family in terms of how your parents raised you? What kinds of rules did your family? Did you think they were fair at the time? Has your opinion on these rules changed as you have gotten older? Do you think that children are harder or easier to raise in today's world as compared to life when your parents or grandparents were growing up? Explain.

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