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"get back on one's feet" = recover physically, emotionally, or financially

"He lost everything in the accident, but he's slowly getting back on his feet."

"hit the ceiling" = get very angry

"My dad hit the ceiling when he found out I wrecked the car."

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Roadside Assistance: Emergency Call
I. Pre-Listening Exercises
II. Listening Exercises
III. Vocabulary
IV. Post-Listening Exercises

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mediumemergenciestelephone conversationtwo men01:08

I. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]

Have you ever needed roadside assistance? What kinds of situations do you think of when you hear the words "emergency call"? What emergency or survival supplies (including 72-hour kits) might be useful in such situations? Write down three ideas and discuss them with a partner.

HELPFUL TIP: Consider getting Road Side Assistance coverage like AAA in case your car breaks down. Companies will often send someone out to your car 24 hours a day.


II. Listening Exercises [Top]

First, listen to the telephone conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button, and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz.

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1. The man who is calling is:
A. a taxi driver
B. a bus driver
C. a truck driver

2. What is the problem with the woman with him?
A. She is having a heart attack.
B. She was hurt in an accident.
C. She is having a baby.

3. Where is the man now?
A. on the freeway
B. downtown in traffic
C. in the airport parking lot

4. What's the man's name?
A. Bill
B. Bob
C. Brad

5. The operator tells the man to:
A. help the woman breath easier.
B. keep the woman calm and warm.
C. put something soft under the woman's head.

Score =
Correct answers:

Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script.

III. Vocabulary Activities [Top]
Review the key vocabulary from the conversation: [ Why do these? ]

IV. Post-Listening Exercises [Top]
How would you have reacted if you had been another passenger in the car? What would you have done to help in this situation? Roleplay the following situation with a partner. One of you play the part of the 911 operator and the other the caller. Add additional information as needed:


You are walking home when you see a house on fire. A woman runs from the house screaming that her 1-year old son is still inside. Several people has suffered minor burns while escaping from the fire. Add additional information as needed.
911 Operator:
You receive an emergency call from someone reporting a fire. Ask questions about the location of the fire, its cause if known, number of injuries, etc.

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