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Travel Arrangements

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Explanation of Answers

1. Who is probably making the announcement?

A. a pilot
B. a flight attendant
C. a ticket agent
D. a ground crew member

Correct Answer (C). Since the announcement deals with boarding location and time, the ticket agent at the gate would take care of this. The pilot and flight attendants make announcements after passengers board the plane.

2. What is the ultimate destination of the flight?

A. Atlanta
B. Miami
C. Caracas
D. Lima

Correct Answer (C). The plane makes stops in Atlanta and Miami, but the final destination is Caracas, Venezuela.

3. What change has been announced?

A. the flight number
B. the gate number
C. the arrival time
D. the boarding time

Correct Answer (B). The ticket agent announces that the departure gate has been changed to 30B.

4. What are the current weather conditions outside?

A. It's raining.
B. It's cloudy.
C. It's hailing.
D. It's windy.

Correct Answer (C). Since the ground crew needs to deice the plane, it must be cold weather, and hail (small chucks of frozen rain) could accumulate on the wings.

5. What time will the plane depart?

A. 9:50 AM
B. 12:15 PM
C. 4:05 PM
D. 8:45 PM

Correct Answer (D). The announcement says that passengers "should be boarding about a quarter to the hour." A "quarter to the hour" is another way to say fifteen until the hour, so the only possible answer would be 8:45 PM.

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