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Over the years, many teachers have come up with great ideas on how they have use one or more of my sites in their language classrooms, and I think that other students and teachers would greatly benefit from your ideas. Now, I would like to write a short article about you (and even one of your classes) and add it to this section of my site. Click HERE for instructions on how to participate.


Davina Eisenbeis | Gail Ellsworth Salvo - USA | Donna Arthur Salvo - USA
Ric Dwyer - USA | Ayman Mahmoud - Sudan | Sandra Goronas - Buenos Aires
Otto Escobar - Guatamala | Gerald Stone IV - Philippines

Davina Eisenbeis - Paul Langevin General and Technologic High School of Beauvais, France
Email: davinaeisenbeis{at}

Davina used Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab ( in her class to help students improve their language skills. Here is a video of her class using Randall's Web site, followed by the lesson plan she followed to teach the lesson. One of her English students, Cyrielle Levraut, was also awarded the best narration on travel in the class, and she explained where she likes to go on vacation and why.

Oral Comprehension Strategies with Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Lesson Plan: Using Randall's Web site in English Class

Step One:

Without revealing the title of the listening activity (Great Apartment Living -, students first have a quick look at the image in the pre-listening section of the Web page and try to figure out the main theme.

Then, the class listens to the recording. Afterwards, while listening again, students try to write down the words they can spot or identify because of familiarity and stress. They listen to the recording four times.

Step Two:

The class writes ALL the words they heard on the board .

Step Three:

After writing the words, the class tries to identify the situation, the parts of speech of the words, and themes. In addition, students try to identify the speakers in the conversation: young, old, relationship between them, and so on.

Step Four:

Afterwards, students organize sentences and hypotheses about the global meaning of the recording. Students try to determine if their ideas are potentially right, and they can even use their imaginations to compensate missing information.

Step Five:

Then, the class checks the hypotheses by listening to the recording again and tries to answer Randall's questions on the Web site.

Gail Ellsworth - Milwaukee,Wisconsin, USA
Email: ellswogk{at}

"I teach ESL to high beginning and low intermediate adult students at Milwaukee Area Technical College. My students listed your site as one of their favorite activities of the semester. I initially started using it with them to improve their listening skills. I later discovered Randall's ESL Blog where they could respond to questions. This feature provided a user-friendly way to introduce my students to blogging.

After my students listened to "Healthy Lifestyle," completed the vocabulary activities, and viewed the video snapshot, I projected the blog posts from other ESL students around the world. We talked about the content of the posts. Which posts had the most interesting information? Which posts were the most organized? Which posts used transitions to clearly make each point? We also talked about editing skills. Which posts used correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and verb tense? In addition, we talked about making errors as a normal part of language learning.

My students wrote their own comments about "What is a healthy diet?" and posted them the next day. Their goals were to use capitalization and periods on every sentence and transitional words to make each point. Nearly every student achieved these goals. By using your blog, my students have become excited about writing and sharing their ideas with a world-wide audience.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into your site, Randall. My students and I have enjoyed using it this semester.

In addition to teaching my wonderful students, I love reading great novels for my book club, attending classical music concerts, and hiking in beautiful states such as Colorado and Utah."

Gail Ellsworth

Donna Arthur Salvo - Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA
Email: dsalvo{at}
"Hello . . . . and first I must say thank you for your wonderful site.

Working with deaf and hearing-impaired students, your site has provided a complete and up-to-date place for listening and language work. I am a teacher of the deaf and speech language pathologist for the Lake Drive Program in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.
The picture here is using Photo Booth on a MacBook. These students can listen to the lessons and then they can watch as they speak responses to the questions. I am on the left, and my students are watching themselves during the lesson.
I have been working for over 25 years in the field of speech language therapy and deaf education. When I am working with those students who want to train using both listening and speaking skills, I turn to your site for some of the best lessons.

I will use the Pre-listening, Listening, and Post Listening exercises to enhance my therapy. It gives the therapy students pure listening since they can not read the lips of a computer (Ha Ha!) I realize lip reading is an important skill to enhance closure of conversations, when an individual is unable to hear the message, but I am trying to have the student use his or her residual hearing as much as possible.

As for how I spend my free time, I will use my free time to surf the net and find great sites to enhance my students' language and listening development. I also enjoy watching English Premier League Football (soccer), reading with my book club of 12 years, and sitting by the beach down at the Jersey shore."

Ric Dwyer - Rochester, Minnesota, USA
Email: ridwyer{at}

I work for the Rochester Public Schools' Adult and Family Literacy Program in Rochester, Minnesota. We are an Adult Basic Education (ABE) program, and we serve about 500 students each day. Most of our students are refugees and immigrants (I'm standing in the back row on the far left in the picture below). We also have quite a few temporary students who study with us while they are visiting the Mayo Clinic.

I teach the following classes: beginning pronunciation and conversation, computer literacy, intermediate ESL, and beginning reading. I use Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab as lab work in my beginning pronunciation and conversation class. My students are expected to use the website for at least 30 minutes each day. I give my students a handout with assigned listening exercises which they are to complete with at least 80% accuracy. I also use Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab for whole group instruction in my intermediate ESL class. My students complete paper versions of the text completion and comprehension questions while I play the audio files.

In my free time, I play bass guitar in an oldies band with another teacher from our school.

Ric's Class

Ayman Mahmoud - Sudan [Top]

Hi. I'm an English teacher, and I teach conversation and pronunciation. Our class is not very big, and the total of students is about 25, divided into four groups. Our monthly courses focus on developing ways to comunicate in English, so I use Randall's ESL Cyber listening Lab to improve their listening skills. I gave them your site address, and I find that it is very nice work to make teaching as a real situation for them as possible, and your site plays this role. The role is to get them out of the classroom and make them move towards their goals and objectives to speak fluently, which depends heavily upon listening and more and more practice. My big dream is to find modern ways and materials to help those who are not allowed to complete their study in different parts of Sudan. In my free time, I play chess and soccer.

Ayman from Sudan

Sandra Goronas - Buenos Aires
Email: sgrowns{at}

I'm currently teaching marketing and advertising to adults at Escuela Superior de Publicidad, in Buenos Aires. I also give workshops related to methodology and professional development.

My students are very much engaged in your site, Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab, especially because of the wide range of listening material and topics the site offers. We use the material either in class or as part of an assignment. They are willing to work, and I also ask them to choose the listening they are interested in working on.

Something unique about me . . . I've been trying to make a difference as a teacher. I enjoy walking, and I also love watching movies!

Otto Escobar - Guatamala
Email: info{at}

Greetings from Guatemala, the Land of Eternal Spring as people all around the world called my country.

I teach ESL here in Guatemala to students at ESL Academy. I have worked as teacher of English for many years, and it has been one of the most gratifying experiences in my whole life. I love giving back what I have received from others who have been willing to share knowledge to me.

Our students love using Randall's sites. WWW.ESL-LAB.COM has helped our students develop their listening skills more effectively. Besides using the website exercises, we normally give our students additional worksheets using content. They also combine Spelling and Listening at the same time. We also use the audio portions for students to take dictation. This way they are able to listen, repeat, write and read and conduct conversations at the same time.

Students think is the best site there is on the web for building listening skills. They love using the site. Since the site is free, students with economical difficulties are able to listen to quality material without spending great amounts on money on audio CDs.

Thank you, Randall, for your great effort and for your willingness to share the vast knowledge you have gained in other parts of the world. Your sites are greatly appreciated.

In my free time I listen to music, play the piano, surf the web for useful material for our students and hang around with my best friends. Here is a picture of some of our beginning students in our program.

Class in Guatamala

Gerald Stone IV - Philippines [Top]

Im a trainer by trade (14 years now) living in the Pampanga Province, Philippines. I do volunteer work at two orphanages. The children range from 5-18. English is taught in school; however, the method used in many areas is not very conducive to learning.

I have used your site and it has helped the students get jobs (even abroad) that they would not normally been able to achieve. Your method is fantastic especially for children. They can learn at their own pace and trust me there are LONG lines to use the few computers we have to practice on.

I couple this with which has pronunciations of all words and Ann Cook's method of teaching American accent.

I'm looking at using it with the military here to help them gain jobs when they leave the military. Often they are unable to find jobs and this leads to poverty and at times crime or joining a faction group such as the NPA or Abu Syyaf.

Randall, thanks again so much. I hope you realize how many people around the world you've helped.

My passion is travel. 46/50 states and 30+ countries.

Best regards,

Gerald Stone, IV

Instructions on How to Participate [Top]
If you are a teacher, and you would like to be featured here, send me 100-200 word summary with the following information:
  1. A short description of where you work and the classes you teach.
  2. A summary of how you have used any of my sites to support your teaching and student learning with any comments on how students have responded to the material.
  3. A picture of you and/or your students. The picture is optional. Keep in mind that some schools have policies on the issue of classroom pictures being posted on the Internet. Sending a picture to me to have posted on my site assumes that you have the required permission to do so from your school and students.
  4. Something unique about you and/or what you enjoy doing in your free time.
Your summary and picture will appear on this page. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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