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Student Living

Instructions: Click the "Play" button and listen to the recording. Then write the words you hear in the correct blank. Use the "tab" button to move from one blank to the next.

For many international students, coming to the United States and living here and studying can be a quite a (1) experience, especially when finding housing on campus or off campus. And fortunately, there are a (2) of options that students can look to. And I'd like to talk just briefly a little about on-campus living, off-campus living, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Well I think first of all for first-time students, coming and living on campus in dormitories can provide a certain (3) of security because of its proximity to campus facilities since commuting without a car can be quite an experience, especially when you have to commute long distances. Often in dormitories, meals might be (4), and this can allow students to devote time to their academics, rather than housekeeping. But students should also be aware that they'll be required to abide by certain regulations dealing with student conduct as part of the, uh, the (5) and living on campus.

Another option, uh, another option is off campus living in apartments, and like living in dormitories, uh, living in an apartment (6) little or no maintenance specifically because usually it is (7) by someone, uh, else. Also, uh, when you might live off campus, there might be, uh, uh, a certain amount of (8) in choosing roommates that you might not have, uh, living on campus. But you should be aware that tenants may be responsible for (9) their own apartments.

Well, of course, the choice is up to you, but be careful to (10) both the advantages and disadvantages of living on campus and off campus. Good luck.

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