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Student Living

Explanation of Answers

1. What is one advantage of on-campus living NOT mentioned in the report?

A. Rent is within the budget of university students.
B. Both room and board are often provided.
C. Student housing is located near campus.

Correct Answer (A). No mention was made about the cost of on-campus housing, although on-campus rent might be cheaper in some cases.

2. With on-campus housing, students should remember that

A. they may have to follow certain housing rules.
B. a deposit may be required to rent an apartment.
C. on-campus apartments are very limited.

Correct Answer (A). The speaker specifically states that "students should also be aware that they'll be required to abide by certain regulations dealing with student conduct as part of the, uh, the contract and living on campus."

3. What is one advantage of off-campus living NOT mentioned in the report?

A. Tenants are generally not responsible for building upkeep.
B. Students can prepare their own meals.
C. Occupants have freedom to select their roommates.

Correct Answer (B). Yes, students can often make their own meals in off-campus apartments, BUT the speaker didn't mention that point.

4. Renters should be prepared to:

A. pay a refundable deposit.
B. provide their own furnishings.
C. sign a housing contract.

Correct Answer (B). The reporter says that "tenants may be responsible for furnishing their own apartments," or in other words, they may have to buy furniture and some appliances for the apartment.

5. Which living option was NOT mentioned in the news report?

A. apartments
B. dormitories
C. homes

Correct Answer (C).

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