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Space Radio Theater

Instructions: Click the "Play" button and listen to the recording. Then write the words you hear in the correct blank.

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Narrator: Welcome to Space Radio Theater, your passport to the future. In this (1), the crew is under attack by an unknown source until it is too late. This episode opens with the crew members on board the Starship Quest.

Captain: Status, Commander Crdovi.

Crdovi:. Course looks clear, Capt . . .

Captain: Yes, Commander?

Narrator: : The Captain suddenly realizes that Mr. Crdovi has disappeared from the (2).

Captain: : Commander? Computer . . . Locate Commander Crdovi.

Computer: Mr. Crdovi is not aboard this ship.

Captain: : Computer . . . (BEEP BEEP). What was the status of the ship from one minute prior to his leaving the ship to one minute after he left?

Computer: Unknown aliens connected with ships systems. The aliens sent an (3) charge through transporter system.

Captain: : Bridge to transporter room . . . Lieutenant, please respond. Security, report to the transporter room immediately and (4).

Narrator: : Security officers, Lieutenant Mortia Adams and Ensign Greg Suzuki, ran down the (5) to the transporter room. Now, we take you to the transporter room.

Greg: Mortia? Look at this!

Mortia: Uh-oh. The Captain is not going to like this.

Narrator: : Now, back on the bridge . . .

Mortia: Captain? Computer . . . (BEEP BEEP). Locate Captain Duroset.

Computer: Captain Melony Duroset is not aboard this ship.

Mortia: : Mr. Greenfield, Mr. Ruto, you have the bridge and (6) me if anything happens. Mortia to all decks. Please report to the cargo bay 3.

Narrator: : A few minutes later, Commander Mortia has taken charge and is briefing crew members in cargo bay 3.

Mortia: As many of you are aware, twenty crew members have disappeared from the ship. Our (7) have detected a spatial flux. We're not sure if our members are being (8) transported off the ship or if they are being targeted.

Narrator: : Suddenly, five alien ships appear on long range scanners heading (9) for them. Mr. Greenfield, on the bridge, reports to Commander Mortia . . .

Mr. Greenfield: Commander, come in.

Mortia: Mortia here.

Mr. Greenfield: We've detected five alien vessels approaching at warp 8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Narrator: : Well, that's the end of this exciting episode. What has happened to the ship? Who are the aliens? Will the ship find its lost crewmen? Tune in next week for the (10) of this exciting story.

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