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Video Rental Shop

II. Listening Exercises
Listen to the conversation again by pressing the Play Audio button and read along with the script.

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Store Employee: Hi. May I help you?

Customer: Yeah. I'd like to rent these movies.

Store Employee: Uh, Romance movies!

Customer: Well. They're for my daughter

Store Employee: Right. It's okay. Do you have your membership card?

Customer: No, I don't. Uh, do I need one to rent videos here?

Store Employee: Yes, but it's free. [Oh, okay.] It's just a card we issue to help us keep track of video rentals. So, please fill out this membership form.

Customer: Okay, and how much are movie rentals anyway?

Store Employee: Well, new releases are $3.50 (Okay), and all other movies are two dollars (Uh, huh.), and you can rent up to six movies at a time. (Okay) We also have a five buck deal where you can rent any five movies for $5.00 (Hum), but this does not include new releases.

Customer: Oh, well, I'll just take these tonight.

Store Employee: Okay, let's see . . . your total comes to seven dollars and fifty cents.

Customer: And when do I need to return them?

Store Employee: They have to be returned on Thursday by ten o'clock PM.

Customer: Okay. Store Employee: And there is an overdue fee equal to the rental fee of the video, so be sure to return them on time.

Customer: Okay. Store Employee: Okay. And enjoy your romance movies.

Customer: Okay. Thanks. Customer: Okay. Thanks.

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