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Learning takes time, patience, and hard work. Now, I am currently experimenting with PhoneCasts which allow me to share a variety of tips and ideas learning and culture that might make the learning process more interesting and rewarding. The transcripts for the PhoneCasts are done automatically, so they might not be exact, but they may be useful in understanding my ideas. [MORE]

For a full listing of all my PhoneCasts, visit my channel HERE.

Using PhoneCasts

  1. Click the play button, listen to the recording, and write down two or three main ideas.

  2. Think about whether you agree or disagree with these ideas.

  3. Discuss how these ideas relate to your own personal life or situation.

More on PhoneCasts

1. Why are you creating the PhoneCasts?

Basically, I want to give learners more options for listening to samples of English, and then, where possible, discuss the content with other learners to develop discussing and thinking skills. In other words, just because you are a good speaker of a language does not mean you can think logically. Building language and thinking skills together leads to good communication.

2. What are the basic features of PhoneCasts?

A - Refresh the player window to see if there are any new PhoneCasts (not usually needed).
B - Rewind or go forward to view other PhoneCasts.
C - Review the transcript which is created automatically. (It might not be exact.)
D - Play audo with slider.
E - Adjust volume control.
2. Why are the recordings short?

My main goal is to provide short, digestible (easy-to-process) recordings that can be used as conversation starters. I don't want to overwhelm lower-level learners who make up a large part of my audience. You can always use other resources to build your retention of longer conversations.

3. How do you create them?

I am using a service called ipadio, that allows users to publish broadcasts through any phone. This allows me to make these recordings on the go. Very convenient.

4. Where can I find a listing of all your PhoneCasts?

This page shows the most recent PhoneCast. You can see previous recordings by clicking on the back arrow on the player above, you can visit my PhoneCast channel at

5. Can I suggest an idea for a PhoneCast?

Sure. Send me an email about your idea.

6. (If you are a teacher) Can I use the PhoneCasts as part of my class?

Sure. You can easily visit my channel at, check the specific PhoneCast you want to use, and note the direct URL to it. Then, you can bring this page up during your class, or you can assign students to visit that page outside of class. The recordings could be very easily used for conversation starters at the beginning of any language class.

6. Did you know there are mistakes in grammar in your recordings?

Uh, yes. There could certainly be mistakes. What would you expect? Because I am using my cell phone to make the recordings . . . and I might call when I come up with a great idea while running and jumping over a rock on a mountain trail in the snow, I am certainly not thinking about perfect grammar. In other words, I make these recordings on the go wherever I might be.

Of course, I realize that students and teachers want to have most accurate recording possible, so I might stop in the snow to call (Catch my humor?), but these recordings are meant to be informal thoughts on life and language. They are not meant to sound like textbook recordings.

This said, I still do my best to make them as correct as possible, and therefore useful, but forgive me if I'm eating a sandwich and talking at the same time. I want things to sound as natural, yet accurate, as possible.

7. The PhoneCast player doesn't appear on this page when I try to view it with some portable devices such as the iPhone or iPad? What should I do?

No problem. Just visit my PhoneCast channel at, and you can listen to them just fine.

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