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Directions Through Town (3)
Travel and Sightseeing
Basic Level

II. Listening Exercises
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  1. First, walk down Green Street for two blocks. Then, turn right and the bank is the third building on the left side. (7)
  2. Go straight down Yellow Street until Blue Street. The school is on the corner of Yellow Street and Blue Street. (19)
  3. Drive along Green Street to White Street and turn right. Next, go straight one block, cross Brown Street, and the library is the first building on the right corner. (22)
  4. First, go down Yellow Street for one block, turn left, and then go to the first intersection. Then, keep going straight, and the hotel is the second building on the left. (13)
  5. Walk along Green Street until Black Street. Then, turn right and go straight, and the church is the last building at the end of the street on the left. (9)
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