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Recreational Activities

II. Listening Exercises
Listen to the sentences again by pressing the Play Audio button and read along with the recording.

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  1. I like to walk in the mountains with my dog. (hiking)
  2. My dad goes to the city pool twice a week. (swimming)
  3. He rides his bike to work because it is a good way to get exercise. (bicycling)
  4. She usually uses watercolors in her artwork. (painting)
  5. They went to the lake to see if they see any wild ducks. (bird watching)
  6. How about getting out the board and pieces so we can play? (chess)
  7. He hit his ball into the water. (golf)
  8. She loves to plant flowers and vegetables in the spring. (gardening)
  9. I checked out three very interesting books from the library. (reading)
  10. You really take beautiful pictures with that camera. (photography)

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