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Meet My Family
Basic Level

II. Listening Exercises
Listen to the sentences again by pressing the Play Audio button and read along with the recording.

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  1. So, what does your father do for a living? (He's an architect.)
  2. How many people are in your family? (There are five people in my family.)
  3. How old is your sister? (She turned 10 in May.)
  4. Where do your parents live now? (They live in London.)
  5. How many brothers and sisters do you have? (I have two sisters.)
  6. What is your brother's name? (His name is Chris.)
  7. Where does your mother work? (She works in a library.)
  8. How long have you been married? (Since 1993.)
  9. Do you have any children? (Yes, two daughters.)
  10. Where did you and your wife meet? (We met at a Christmas party.)

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