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Class Reunion

Listening Exercises
Listen to the conversation again by pressing the Play Audio button and read along with the conversation. Review the Key Vocabulary and the sample sentences.

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Amanda: Hey, I know you. You're James, right? James Roberts.

James: Amanda Brown. Wow! It's been a long time.

Amanda: Yeah. Oh, are you going to the class reunion in two weeks?

James: Uh, I heard about it, but I'm not sure. Where is it?

Amanda: The reunion is going to be held at the Mountain Country Club across from City Park.

James: And what time does it start?

Amanda: I think it starts at 6:00.

James: And how much does it cost?

Amanda: It's twenty dollars a ticket, and that includes dinner and entertainment.

James: What kind of entertainment are they going to have?

Amanda: They're going to have a live jazz band and dancing.

James: And who is organizing the event?

Amanda: Do you remember Chad Phillips?

James: Uh, wasn't he the quarterback on the football team?

Amanda: Right. Well, he married Sarah Rogers, and they are in charge of the event. So, what do you think? Are you going?

James: I don't know. I never really fit in in high school. I was kind of a loner. I also remember asking Sarah out on a date, and she turned me down. She said she was sick, and it turned out she went out with someone that same night. It could be a little awkward.

Amanda: Hey, why don't we go together?

James: Are you sure?

Amanda: Yeah.

James: Well, sure. Why not. To be honest, I always thought you were very nice. I just never had the guts to ask you out.

Amanda: Well, here's your chance.

James: Sounds great. So, what's your number so I can call you?

Amanda: It's 435-923-6017.

James: 6017, Okay. Where do you live?

Amanda: I only live two blocks south of the old high school.

James: Okay. I remember where you live. Let me call you a few days before to confirm things.

Amanda: Sounds good. It should be fun.

Key Vocabulary [Top]

  • reunion (noun): a get together of people who have been apart for a long time
    - We are going to hold the class reunion on September first.

  • organize (verb): put together or plan an event
    - Ashley organized a very fun party last Friday.

  • be in charge of (verb): have control, lead, or be responsible for something
    - Who was in charge of buying the food and drinks for the reunion?

  • fit in (verb): feel a part of or belong to a group
    - Why didn't Amanda fit in during high school?

  • loner (noun): a person who is often alone or likes to be alone
    - I was a loner back in high school, and I didn't have any friends.

  • turn someone down (noun): reject or refuse someone
    - James asked many girls out on dates, but they all turned him down.

  • awkward (adjective): uncomfortable or uneasy
    - Meeting new people is sometimes awkward if you don't know what to say and do.

  • guts (noun): courage
    - I didn't have the guts to ask Jessica out on a date.

  • confirm (verb): check
    - Have you confirmed the date of the reunion?

Vocabulary Activities [Top]

Now, do these exercises to review the vocabulary. Then, return back to the Post-Listening Exercise to use the vocabulary in real conversations. [Why do these?]

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