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Battle at the Front: Text Completion

Instructions: Click the "play" button and listen to the recording. Then choose words from the vocabulary list above and write them in the correct blank. Use the "tab" button to move from one blank to the next.

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Newscaster: We interrupt our (1) scheduled news program to bring you live up-to-date coverage on the civil unrest in the newly (2) country of Karnak, where our man Stan Fielding is stationed. Stan . . .

News Reporter: This is Stan Fielding reporting live from the outskirts of the capital city. Just 20 minutes ago, rebel forces (3) the biggest offensive against the ruling government in the 18-month (4) here in this country.

Newscaster: Now Stan, is this a sign that the peace process has been totally abandoned?

News Reporter: Well, so far, peace negotiations have failed, and any resolution to (5) the civil war appears bleak at this point. As you can see . . . Whoa.

Newscaster: Stan, Stan, are you there?

News Reporter: Uh, yes, Bob. As you can probably hear behind me, rebel forces are also using heavy artillery to (6) government strongholds around the city center.

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