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Barbecue Party

Listening Exercises
Listen to the conversation again about organizing a barbecue party by pressing the Play Audio button and read along with the conversation. Review the Key Vocabulary and the sample sentences.

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Daniel: Hey, Ashley. How many people are coming to the barbecue tomorrow?

Ashley: Well, um, there's your family; that's four people. [ Okay. ] There are three from my work [ Okay. ], and then Mike and Megan from across the street. And you and me, of course.

Daniel: Okay. So, what is everyone bringing?

Ashley: Um, let's see. Here's my list. Um . . . Your brothers are bringing hamburgers, cheese, and buns.

Daniel: Oh! I'm glad they are in charge of that. [ Yeah, me too. ] You know, my brother, Jim . . . He eats like a horse. [ Uh-huh. ] At the last barbecue, he put away at least, what, five hotdogs and five cheeseburgers . . .

Ashley: No, I think it was six. Six cheeseburgers. It might have been more hotdogs. I don't know.

Daniel: He was still hungry!

Ashley: I know. I don't know how he did it. He does that all the time, he's . . . and he's not even fat. You'd think (he would be fat). Anyway. Oh, yeah, anyway. So, my friends from work said that they could buy chips and salsa [ Okay. ], and they're going to bring a salad [ Alright. ]. And one of them is vegetarian, and so she's going to bring her own veggie burger, so you don't have to worry about her.

Daniel: Okay. That's . . . That'll work out.

Ashley: And Mike and Megan. You're going to love this. They're going to bring some of the corn from their garden.

Daniel: Oh, their corn is always so, so good.

Ashley: Yeah, I know. It's wonderful.

Daniel: So, um, yeah. What about drink?

Ashley: Well, we're going to have soda and juice, and ice water as well.

Daniel: Okay. And what about dessert?

Ashley: I already have some ice cream and some homemade apple pie in the fridge.

Daniel: Oh. I can't wait.

Ashley: This is going to be fun.

Ashley: Yeah.

Key Vocabulary [Top]

  • be in charge of (verb): be responsible for
    - Call Brandon if you have questions. He is in charge of the food for the barbecue.
    - Do you know how to run this copy machine? I can't figure it out.

  • eat like a horse (verb): eat a lot of food like a horse
    I hope you have a lot of food for the party. My brother eats like a horse.

  • put away (verb): eat a large amount of food
    - The football team put away 20 pizzas after the game, and they were still hungry.

  • vegetarian (noun): a person who does not eat meat
    - My sister has been a vegetarian for many years.

  • work out (verb): end in a positive way
    - I really hope things work out for you after you graduate.

  • fridge (noun): refridgerator
    - Put all of the drink in the fridge. I want it to be cold for the party.

Vocabulary Activities [Top]

Now, do these exercises to review the vocabulary. Then, return back to the Post-Listening Exercise to use the vocabulary in real conversations. [Why do these?]

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